Ministry Of Education

Background History

Background Information of Taunggoke Degree College

            Taunggoke Degree College situates on Ann main road in Taunggoke Township, Thandwe District. It opened on 23rd February 2012, starting with 759 staff including 277 officers, 482 staffs. It was upgraded to Taunggoke Degree College with the staff number of 759 (including 277 officers and 482 staffs) on 11-10-2016. Vice President U Myint Swe attended the opening ceremony of Taunggoke Degree College on 8-1-2017. The width is about 212.20 acres and is situated from front longitude 94º 13′ 19.8” to  94º 14′ 25.5” and from north latitude 18º 52′ 25.7″ to 18º 54′ 54.94″.

Activities of departments and sub-departments

Activities of Department of Administration

            The activities of administrative department are carrying out teaching and administration staff’s promotion and transfer, pension, death, leave, increment and scholarship in foreign countries, monthly facts, building database, awarding prizes, vacation of teachers, listing the staff members, the cases of temporary workers and receiving distributing the instructions on time.

Activities of Estate Department

            It takes the duties of cleaning the compound to be clean and pleasant environment, flowering the plants and security duties.

Activities of Financial Department

Activities of Students’ Affairs

            Registration, withdraw, major transfer, university transfer, giving recommendations, hostel for day students and intellectual talks, essaycompetitions, research process, monthly data for student’s lists, documents, exam affairs, scholarship programmes, planning for convocation, timely reply for the official letters.

Activities of distance education department

            Registration, university transfer, withdraw, preparing for books, CD, assignments, doing exam process, timely reply for the official letters, documents.

Activities of Computer department

            Doing powerpoints, presentations for the ceremonies, helping out for CTC rooms, preparing monthly datas.

Activities of Library

            Lending books during weekends, finding necessary documents, arranging books and shelves alphabetically, returning books in shelves, buying and making lists of monthly journals, magazines, research papers, and newspapers, searching for information through digital library e-tekkatho.

Activities of sports department

            Doing sports activities, competitions according to the sports calendar. Holding sports competitions in zones.

Activities of engineer department

            Performing construction, calculating estimation, bill fuel, electronic appliances, store, official residence in campus, water and electronic supply for hostels, decoration for ceremonies, timely reply for the official letters.